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High Pressure Autoclaves

A Wide Range of High Pressure Autoclaves

Volumes available from 50ml to 100 litres, pressure ratings from 100 bar to 700 bar, materials of construction include stainless steel, Hastelloy and other exotic alloys.  Stirred or unstirred.  Electrical heating as standard, but jacketed versions available.

We have several broad families of vessels available, but custom versions are always possible.

Limbo 350

A range of vessels from 100ml to 2 litres, rated to 350 bar, electrically heated and with magnetic coupled stirrer drives.

Magnetic Couplings

High pressure magnetic couplings supplied to fit your own vessel.  Pressure ratings to 700 bar, very high torques possible.

700 Bar Reactors

A comprehensive range of electrically heated, stirred or unstirred vessels rated to 700 bar.  Volumes from 50ml to 100 litres.


Limbo 350


A Range of Magnetic Couplings

A Range of High Pressure Reactors

A Range of High Pressure Reactors

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